Learn About Dental Implants in Los Fresnos

August 13, 2016

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Learn more about the procedure for dental implants in Los Fresnos.More than 3 million dental implants have already been placed in patients who are missing one or more teeth with that number growing annually by 500,00. With a success rate of 95-98 percent, dental implants have become the most preferred solution to treat tooth loss. Unlike other forms of tooth replacement, dental implants provide a lifelong solution that looks and functions the closest to natural teeth. However, since the process involves a surgical procedure and requires various phases, many are left with questions about the procedure. As your dentist for dental implants in Los Fresnos, our team of dentists are here to help you understand the process to receiving dental implants.

Are you a Candidate for Dental Implants?

January 12, 2016

man with a beautiful smile thanks to dental implants in los fresnosDental implants are the most versatile tooth replacement options, and are effective in replacing any number of missing teeth from one tooth to an entire row. This is due in large part to the innovative design that replaces the entire dental structure both the roots and biting surfaces of teeth. This not only provides optimal structural support for replacement prosthetics, but promotes oral health by stimulating jawbone density and the retention of gum tissue volume. For many patients, dental implants are the clearly superior tooth replacement solution, but like any surgical procedure, there are patients who will not be ideal candidates. Before selecting dental implant tooth replacement, it’s essential that patients weigh their options, and make the choice that fits their needs.

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